We use only premium elite fabrics with a lot of focus on using Italian MITI fabric where it would function the best.

We also use different types of polyester as the main fabric in most of our products due to its superior hydrophobic, UV resistant, breathable properties mixed with lycra or elastane to create the perfect fitting elite performance gear.

Standing for Manifattura Italiana Tessuti Indemagliabili, M.I.T.I has been at the front of ‘knitting innovation since 1931′. Miti were the first Italian mill to use the warp knitting technique. Warp knitting runs yarns in a parallel pattern, which allows for the construction of durable and stretchy fabrics.

M.I.T.I fabric is believed the best performance fabric, using the highest technology, for Pro riders. We use this fabric in our products to give you the maximum support.

100% POLYESTER, known to be the most lightweight, breathable and quick-dry fabric, is used combined with its excellent UV protection, odour and bacterial resistant features, to create your elite performance products

Dot Lycra

82 % Polyamide + 18% Spandex

Fish Scale Mesh

90% Polyester + 10% Spandex

Italy MITI Action W

75% Nylon + 25% Elastane

Italy MITI Fluorite

81% Polyester + 17% Elastane + 2% Carbon Fiber Yarn
180 g/kg2

Italy MITI Stelvio

80% Polyester + 20% Elastane

Italy MITI Stelvio Carbon

83% Polyester + 16% Elastane + 1% Carbon Fiber Yarn

Italy Soft Elastic Band

Italy Soft Powerband

Milk Silk Fabric 50D

90% Polyester + 10% Elastane

Milk Silk Fabric + Prismatic Black Polar Fleece

Surface – 88% Polyester + 12% Elastane Inner – 100% Polyester

Nylon + Denser Lycra

72% Nylon + 28% Elastane

Nylon + Dull Polished Lycra

79% Polyamide + 21% Spandex

Persia Fabric

86% Polyester + 14% Elastane

Polyester + Denser Lycra

80% Polyester + 20% Elastane

Polyester Brushed

87% Polyester + 13% Elastane

Polyester Dull Polished Lycra

79% Polyester + 21% Spandex

Shell Mesh

90% Polyester + 10% Elastane

Striped Lycra

86% Polyester + 14% Spandex

Male and Female versions

Pro Elite Red Chamois

The skin top layer is made from Soft-Silk touch Italian Miti Carbon fabric to ensure extreme comfort where it is needed most while avoiding chaffing.

Anatomical shaped and grooved channels secure ventilation and blood flow - specific to male and female anatomy, to ensure continuous blood flow and pressure relief with no readjustment needed during your rides.

Cushioning layers placed in anatomical strategic positions consisting of high density 120kg/m2 chamois foam and 14mm thickness.

The Pro Elite Red Italian Chamois is designed to let you perform at your best - keeping you comfortable and protected on all your rides up to 5-8 hours – with quick drying antibacterial carbon material fabric layers, and anatomical grooved channels throughout it relieves pressure and maintains great bloodflow where you need it most.


Elite Triathlon Chamois

Sizing Chart

The perfect fit

Our products are made to have a very body conforming fit – to ensure the most comfortable, lightweight, breathable and aerodynamic fit to keep you performing at your absolute best